Patient Transport Services (PTS)

Patients are normally expected to make their own way to hospital or community provided hospital service for non-emergency appointments, tests or treatment. However for some people, this is not possible and they may be eligible for the non-emergency PTS if other alternatives are unsuitable or are inappropriate. Patients are also normally expected to make their own way home after their appointment or post-discharge from a hospital stay.

Who might be eligible to use PTS?

The Patient Transport Service is available if:

  • your medical condition means you cannot use other transport without risk to health
  • your mobility means that you are unable to access healthcare by any other means
  • you need the skills or support of PTS staff before/during/after the journey

Examples include:

  • All stretcher patients
  • Some wheelchair patients
  • Patients whose health would be affected if they used any other form of transport
  • Patients being transferred between hospitals
  • Patients who require oxygen to be administered during the journey
  • Patients who need to be monitored during the journey
  • Renal dialysis patients

If you do not meet the criteria and there are no special circumstances, you will need to make your own travel arrangements to and from the hospital or clinic.

If you currently receive Personal Independence Payments (PIP)* (formerly know as Disability Living Allowance Mobility Component) or have a vehicle under the Mobility Scheme, you will not automatically be entitled to access ambulance transport if simply for mobility purposes. Consideration will, however, be given on medical grounds.

*Personal Independence Payments are awarded to assist you with your daily life and that includes attending hospital appointments.

Can I bring someone with me?

Only if this is essential to ensuring a safe journey for you, for example:

  • you are under 16 years of age – an escort must travel with you
  • you rely on a translator
  • you rely on a carer for communication
  • you have mental health issues which means that you must be accompanied by a known carer

In other cases, anyone intending to be with you for your appointment is responsible for arranging their own transport.

How do I apply?

If you think you meet the eligibility criteria, you or anyone on your behalf including relatives and carers will need to phone the booking team number on:

01922 721172 ext 6555 or 0121 307 9112

The Booking Office is open from 8.00am – 6.00pm (Monday to Friday).

It is important that you book your ambulance at least 1 week in advance. Un-booked escorts will not be allowed to travel. When you phone to book your transport, a transport booking form will need to be completed, please have your personal detailsappointment letter, and NHS number available:​

If your condition improves or you no longer need transport, please remember to telephone and cancel your appointment to reduce unnecessary journeys.

I have had PTS before; will I continue to get it?

Your eligibility for PTS is reviewed each time you request patient transport, because your medical condition and your transport needs may have changed.

What if PTS has been booked for me but something has changed?

If something has changed – such as date, time, or location, (or, for example, a friend/family member is taking you or the appointment has been cancelled), please call the hospital transport desk on 01922 721172 ext 6555 or 0121 307 9112 as far in advance as possible so they can change the schedule.

If I have a follow-up appointment, will I automatically get PTS?

This will be reviewed each time to check that you are still eligible.

Can the driver take/drop me off at an alternative place?

Unfortunately not – drivers are only allowed to take you to your normal place of residence or pre-designated drop off point.

Can I get financial help?

If you are not entitled to use the non-emergency patient transport service, you may still be able to claim travel costs if you receive certain types of Government benefits. If you think you may be entitled, please contact the Health Cost advice line on 0845 850 1166 or obtain a copy of HC11: Help with Health Costs by clicking here.

What if you require further information or have a concern or complaint?

Please contact the Trust Transport Manager via the Trust switchboard on 01922 721172 or email